Paris in the Springtime

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m dreaming about France and my “someday” bucket list trip.

I was lucky enough to travel to Paris on a family trip when I was a teenager. That was a long time ago and we mostly stuck to the main touristy things, but it was definitely an incredible trip. Now that I’m older and appreciate these things more, I would love to go back and experience the city as an adult. Can you imagine just letting yourself wander and get lost on purpose? The history, art, architecture, food, sightseeing…I think you could really spend a few weeks there and just begin to scratch the surface.

I started looking at pictures on Pinterest and fell down a bit of a rabbit hole dreaming that I was there again. I ended up on Instagram withΒ a few gorgeous profiles for you to follow!



Cherry blossoms at Notre Dame cathedral. More Paris @georgiannalane and @photosbydcp

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Cherry Blossom Girl 🌸

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Les magnolias du parc @terrabotanica πŸ’• #magnolia #flowers #nature

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How incredibly beautiful are these pictures? Seriously….those flowers….we don’t have anything like that in Florida! I’m very tempted to hop on a plane right now…think I can talk my little family into it?

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Or let me know what your account is so I can follow you too!


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