I’m so glad you’re here! Let me tell you a little about my story…

In school, art was my least favorite class because I couldn’t make my assignments look like the teacher’s. I compared myself to my classmates who had more natural ability (or maybe they simply worked harder to grow their skills than I did). I grew frustrated when I couldn’t achieve perfection on the first try and believed for many years that I simply was not artistic or creative.

I now know that’s not true.

A few years ago, I discovered Jeanne Oliver’s creative network. Back then I had the idea of starting an online vintage shop, so I took her original “Building a Creatively Made Business” class. The class was fantastic and I loved it. I ended up abandoning the vintage shop idea shortly afterwards, but through the class I was introduced to the world of mixed media. Many of the other students in the class were artists, and after visiting their websites and watching Jeanne’s free tutorial videos, art suddenly didn’t seem so hard.

I have spent the past few years exploring art, drawing and painting, and learning to change my mindset to live and think creatively. It has brought me so much joy. The freedom to  simply create without a planned outcome and just be messy is exhilarating and even a few stolen moments working on a painting can carry me through the day on a creative high.

Now I’m launching my own website! I want to share my own growth and help other “non-creatives” discover their hidden artistic talents. I want to continue to connect with other artists – no matter how established or new they are. I hope this can be a place of inspiration, of encouragement, of realized dreams and passions.

Thank you for starting on this journey with me!

To read more about my creative awakening, see the whole story here.





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