Art Crush

Good morning – happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We were busy busy busy on Saturday with housekeeping and visits with friends, but I was able to find some time on Sunday afternoon to sit down and play. I worked a little more on the small-scale series I’ve been sharing on my Instagram page – it’s been really fascinating to work only in black and white. Taking color out of the equation really forces you to focus on value and shading. Very fun!

I still have several more to go before I share the entire series here on the blog, so today I want to share the art of Hesther Van Doornum. She uses a limited color palette in her work that allow her expressive brushstrokes and bits of bold color to stand out.

I love how her work is so expressive and yet so detailed, don’t you? I hope you’ll go visit Hesther’s website to view more of her beautiful work!

Have a fabulous week!

Emily Lynn


*All images are by Hesther Van Doornum*

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